Hello, please call me Rose.

I am a grad student currently pursuing a Masters degree in Human-Computer Interaction. I am also a UX/UI designer and front-end web developer. I enjoy pretty things and thinking about people. I like breathing organic life into digital and mechanical processes. I'm also rather fond of cat videos.

Raised by a pair of adventurous bookworms in three different countries, I was taught that there is always more to learn, and no knowledge is useless. Consequently, I maintain a broad range of hobbies and interests, because you never know when a certain skill will be handy.

On the internet, my online handle is usually Rosefae, or some variation thereof.



Ongoing Personal Projects

I'm currently working on a webcomic called Delphi.

I'm also in the process of writing and editing two novels.


UX and UI

Visual Design


Want to see more? Check out my Tumblr and my Codepen.

Curriculum Vitae

Download my CV as a PDF